Alpaca Lease N' Fleece


A year of Alpaca Love, Education & Fiber


Your choices:

Sperry Steele - Leased

Emma’s Revolution

Daisy Mae


What’s included with your $500 Lease N’ Fleece:

  • A copy of your Alpaca’s registration showing lineage
  • One full year of Boarding (valued at $1,825)
  • Shearing fee- $35
  • You own the fiber from your leased alpaca for the shearing of the year you are leasing
  • Free admission to all of our on-farm seminars
  • Unlimited visits to the farm during hours of operation
  • Transfer your $500 investment towards a future alpaca purchase
  • A lanyard with an image of your leased alpaca and your name
  • Access to view alpaca births in the pen viewing area with our farm staff


What’s not included:

  • Ownership of the alpaca. Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm continues ownership of the alpaca until the time you should choose to formally purchase the alpaca.  Your purchase includes a relationship, not ownership.
  • Fiber processing fees. You must pay any necessary fees to have your alpaca fiber processed beyond the raw post shearing.   If you don't want your fiber you can give it to the farm or have it processed by the farm's yarn mill and the farm will purchase the finished yarn from you at $2 per ounce.